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Eighth Grade Academic Honors and Scholarships

During the 8th grade dinner dance, this year's eighth grade highest academic were presented  These academic honors were awarded to:

Fourth Quarter Awards

The awards listed below will be distributed to the students after our final school Mass taking place Friday, May 27th at 8:30am.

Awesome job this quarter!!!


Kindergarten, Charlie Lolliker & Jayla Crawford-Rodriguez                Third grade:  John-Paul Lee & Ella Mesina

First grade:  Jon Olges & Tessa Iverson                                              Fourth grade:  Azel Mangoba & Natalie Resendiz

Second grade:  Theo Curtin & Sophia Cardenas

Person Of Faith

State Science Fair Awards

Listed below are the results from judging at the State Science Fair held at Millikin University, Decatur, IL.

Paper Session receiving Gold: Connor Franczak; Andrew Stapay; Taylor Jannusch.

Poster Session receiving Gold:  Connor Franzcak; Matthew Brady; Lauren Kuryla.

Poster Session receiving Silver:  Taylor Jannusch; Madison Schueler.

Winning the Jay Hoffman Award (Environmental Science):  Taylor Jannusch.

Contragulations to the students listed above and all the STM students participating this year.

State History Fair Results

The follow students received a Superior (1st place) award:

Haley Mohr, performance-going to Nationals!

Anthony Holte, paper; Chris Costales, paper & website; Ashley Valeriano, website; Delaney Marcuccilli, paper; Max Kaufman; paper; Mary Ellen Kessuvan, paper & documentary; Cortney Kriens, paper; Jake Middleton, paper & documentary; Samantha Ottinger, paper & exhibit; Patrick Sabio, documentary; Erin Cruz, exhibit; Grace Sajdak, documentary; Isabelle Talaga, exhibit; Kyle Schelonka, paper.

First Communion

Blessing to our students who made their First Communion:

Audrey Sheehy, Troy Sheehy, Paul Barnhart, Patrick Bjelan, Autumn Burnett, Sophia Cardenas, Theodore Curtin, Ruby Hall, Camilla Martinez-Arroyo, Mary McQueeny, Tristen Menendez, Reed Mihelich, Kendall Pemberton, Benjamin Puchek, Ava Reeves, Noah Rosborough, Aristea Sakolari, Angelique Tiu, Eduardo Wences, Zachary Wojtas.

May God bless you always!


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