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Fourth Quarter Academic Awards

Congratulations to our fourth quarter academic award recipients!  Awesome job this quarter.

Effort:  Kindergarten:  Gianna Garcia de Alba, Maeve Manganiello, Luke Wojtas; Gr. 1:  Ben Groves, Laura Lee; Gr. 2:  Cayden Arboleda, Amelie Polycarpe; Gr. 3:  Patrick Bjelan, Kendall Pemberton; Gr. 4:  Logan Mallory, Estella Villar.

Person of Faith:  Gr. 5:  Emma Pedres; Gr. 6:  Ben Martinez; Gr. 7:  Stephanie Murrillo.

State History Fair Results

I am proud to announce the results from the State History Fair which took place Thursday, May 4th.  CONGRATULATIONS to all the sixth and eighth grade students for all their hard work this school year!!!

Sixth Grade Papers

Superior:  Brandon Franczak & Matt Kuryla

Excellent:  Drew Pemberton & Ella Strzempa

Eighth Grade Papers:

Third Quarter Academic Awards

Listed below are the awardees for the third quarter academic awards.  Awesome job this quarter!!! Certificates will be distributed after the school Mass Tuesday, April 11, 2017.

Effort:  Kindergarten: Lillian Peters, Jackson Wons.  Grade 1:  Clara Sheridan, Sophia Whitworth.  Grade 2:  Evelyn Sala, Grant Whitworth.  Grade 3:  Scottie Campbell, Zach Wojtas.  Grade 4:  John-Paul Lee, Ella Mesina.

St. Thomas More Solo Festival Results

From Ms. Rebecca Rome:

Elks State Hoop Shoot Competition

One of our students, Emily Mohr, went down state to Decatur, IL last weekend for the Elks State Hoop Shoot competition.  She represented the northern district of Illinois and came in 7th place in the 12-13 year old division.  Over 37,000 children competed in the Elks Hoop Shoot this year.  Emily was in the top 8 girls in her age bracket.  The finalist were honored at a banquet hosted by the Elks in Decatur.

Congratulations Emily!


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