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Third Quarter Academic Awards

Congratulations to our students receiving Third Quarter recognition!

Science Fair Going to State!

Congratulations are to be extended to the seventh grade science fair students who are going to SIU this May for State judging!


Poster session:  Molly Peebles.

Paper session:  Delaney Marcuccilli, Maddie Ellsworth, Bradley Lukowski, Kathleen Wang, Ralph Scumacci, Molly Peebles, Samantha Ottinger, Haley Mohr.

Best in Category:  Delaney Marcuccilli, Maddie Ellsworth, Ralph Scumacci, Molly Peebles.

History Fair Recipients Going to State!

Please congratulate the following students moving onto State judging in May!

Grade 6 papers:  Matt Brady, Monica Darrow, Lauren Kuryla, Justin Maniago, Nathan Messina, Taylor Jannusch, Tyler Nardone.

Grade 8 papers:  Andres Dominguez, Kathie Ellsworth, Gabby Estes, James Estes, Matthew Estes, Elise Hilton, Jake Kaufman, Nathan Kuryla, Duane Meighan, Sarah Mendoza, Mackenzie O'Connell, Magan Ostrander, Trixie Padres, Nathan Sajdak, Brianalynn Schruers, Billy Skog, Devin Strzempa, Stephanie Zapf.

Science & History Fair Students Going to Regionals!

The following 7th grade students will be going to the Regional Science Fair:

Project:  Maddie Ellsworth, Molly Peebles, Delaney Marcuccilli, Samantha Ottinger, Jake Middleton, Angel Stuart, Julissa Velazquez, Kathleen Wang, Brad Lukowski, Matthew Brammer.

Paper:  Grace Sajdak, Ralph Scumacci. Kathleen Wang, Samantha Ottinger, Brad Lukowski, Maddie Ellsworth, Molly Peebles, Delaney Marcuccilli, Haley Mohr, Lola Jarzemsky.

The following 8th grade students will be going to the Regional History Fair at NIU:

Second Quarter Academic Awards & Person of Faith Award

I am pleased to announce our second quarter academic award and Person(s) of Faith recipients.  Congratulations to all our students who continue to have a strong work ethic, a desire to learn, and are positive role models.

Mrs. Hawkinson

Effort Award:

Kindergarten:  Dominic Webber & Anthony Leadley                           Grade 3:  Natalie Resendiz & Annie Tiu

Grade 1:  Theo Curtin & Ruby Hall                                                     Grade 4:  Ben Martinez & Nathan Nardone


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